Beyond Mobile

Anders Højmose
17 Jun 2012
Prototype One: The Urban Garden
Stats on a mobile website
Prototype parts
DIY soil moist sensor
Prototype Two: Birds & the City
QR code stencilled underneath the bird feeder
The QR code links to a mobile website displaying the local birds
Prototype Three: Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense on a bike
Computer Love ❤
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Beyond Mobile explores the use of open source soft- and hardware in developing prototypes for the nature in the city as a part of the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things refers to the ever-growing amount of objects (things) connected to the Internet.

The project consists of three prototypes with different relations to the nature in the city.

The first prototype measures soil moisture, temperature and humidity in urban community gardens, hence keeping the gardeners engaged via Twitter and Facebook.

The second prototype monitors bird diversity and publishes geo-tagged photos to a mobile website available for the people passing by.

The third prototype senses air pollution and distributes the data through a crowd-sourced network of citizens.

Different users and stakeholders have been involved developing and testing the concepts and prototypes. The technical part of the prototypes is based on the Android Accessory Development Kit and Arduino microcontrollers.