Offcut Pouf

Anna Karnov
11 Mar 2013
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Every year, millions of tons of textiles ends up in landfills. Textiles from clothing rejected by retailers because of flaws or they’ve missed the season. Leftovers after cutting a shirt-pattern.

In the US alone, almost 11 million tonnes of textiles ends up in landfill, every year.

The Offcut Pouf is made from offcuts of new fashion garments. It consists of a high quality cotton wire, made from connected strings of textiles. The pattern is crochetted by hand, making every pouf unique. It is filled with hard foam, which makes the pouf ideal to use as an extra seat or to rest your feet on.

The pouf has leather on the buttom side to make it more resistant during use.
The story of where the offcuts come from is engraved into the leather.

Featured at Designspotter December 2012
Featured at MissDesignSays December 2012