The Colour Out Of Space

Anne Sarah
08 Jan 2012
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The Colour Out Of Space.
A visually orientated reissue of H.P. Lovecraft’s Weird Horror story from 1927.

The thematic focus of this illustrated publication, is an uncanny encounter between the powerful cosmos and the helpless man. As a result of this encounter, the human world undergoes a fatal transformation and dissolution.

The sequence of black/white collages expresses an increasing distortion of the known reality.
As in H.P. Lovecraft’s story, the uncanny remains unknown and undefinable.
The aim is to create a contemporary dialogue between the written and the illustrated story.
And hopefully to create a reading-experience, which allows the reader to enter the world of this weird tale.

The format is a historical reference to the pulpmagazine Amazing Stories, in which The Colour Out Of Space was first published.

This reissue is printed in an edition of 100 copies.
Screenprint on Munken Print Cream 15, 300 g/m2.
Laserprint on Munken Print Cream 15, 115g/m2

Afterword by Thomas Winther