Astrid Tolnov Larsen
17 Sep 2014
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This project is developed in collaboration with Elise Tessier.
In the development of this chair, the concept has been to trick the mind of the user, and to play with the perception of the chair as a recognizable object. By moving around the materials of the chair, the users basic understanding and perception of function will be challenged.
The aim of the chair is to attract and puzzle the user and to encourage the user to explore. The user will realize that the textile hanging from under the chair, is not only a visual attraction but also works as the upholstery.
The simple construction is developed from the idea of the chair archetype, the way a child would draw a chair. The upholstery and the wooden construction is playing with the contrast between organic and minimal shapes, between tradition an originality. It’s offering two different worlds in working with different shapes and textures.