Anne Brandhøj Hansen
Kunstakademiets Designskole


I am a 29 year old designer based in Copenhagen and working in the field of event management, food communication, as well as furniture and product design. I find inspiration in everyday objects, functions and forms around me. I am very passionate about experimenting with materials old and new and finding new expressions in a playful, interesting and alternative way.

Traveling to other countries and observing new cultures always provides me with fresh inspiration. For me, traveling has consistently been a way to keep my eyes and mind open and my creative gears turning. I strive to improve my designs while retaining my passion for creating and exploring function and aesthetics.

I am inspired by the synergy that emerges when I am part of a team. Time after time, I experience that collaborative design is where the nontraditional ideas emerge. My strong belief in collaboration is reflected in my living style with people in my commune, as well as my dedication to education and co-op organizations on food and social living.