Bordet Fanger

06 Oct 2014
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This design is a collaboration between Maria Rokkedahl and Anne Brandhøj.

Our starting point was working with how dialogue occurs around a table. It can be when gathering around a meal, when drinking a cup of coffee, in a work situation or through internal dialogue.

Based on our professional backgrounds, respectively textile designer and furniture designer, we wondered why, textile has disappeared from the modern dinner table. In the past, people were more likely to use tablecloths, table runners, candle rings, linen napkins etc.

Our aim was to bring textile back on the table in a reinterpreted version. Which has resulted in a design where table and textile can interact.

Making a hole in the middle of a tabletop is disturbing the surface without losing its functionality. By letting the textile attach underneath its almost like an organism that grows out of the table. The textile is to be used both visually and functionally by the persons sitting at the table. It can lie straight on top of the table top, bungled together underneath, on top or in a combination. The 14 pieces of textile is 3.5 meters long each which gives a lot of material to be creative with. They are attached and can be detached under the table with push buttons.