Claus Kørup Jensen


Claus Kørup Jensen
Designskolen Kolding


I'am raised and born in Denmark, and studying at Kolding design school and my name is Claus Kørup Jensen.
I loving to explore the knowledge about materials and their functions, and qualifications for that purpose/context. I a short sentence, i'am a industrial designer which love materials and i'am gaining to have a full knowledge about them.
My design process is primarily intuitive in an structural way, because it all ways have a start and a sort of an ending, like a dictionary you start whit A and your finger just slip through the pages, and the letters appears blurry but some of them are more clearly shown, and then the back of the book shows up and the project is don. But as a reminder for you self, is that you can all ways go back and look at the letters you did not see, and experience and see what they can give you.