The Reinterpretation of Movement (Transition within the Doorway)

Clinton Stewart -----
11 Jun 2011
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Graduation project for Masters Degree at Denmark´s design School-2011

The premise of this project was to allow exploration of the subconscious in order to fuel creativity by tapping into wells of tacit knowledge. By "following" serendipidous tangents that emerged throughout the investigation of patterns and forms relating to movement and transition, the selected representations and reinterpretations of the doorways conceptual function were realised in this installation of 6 pieces.


Line Falk

This is so cool and interesting. I was just by room 1.25 where my exam is going to be, and saw your things. They're all my favorites. You didn't do the horsehair-one in a smaller version? I'd like one of the doorways in my apartment to be designed by you.