Lau Futtrup Rasmussen
17 May 2011
The video is raw footage ment for research only. Excuse my messy workdesk and the noise. :)
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Inspired by Johnny Chung Lee I played around with headtracking as part of the research for my bachelor project.

Moving images in layers, based on your head's movement, gives you the feeling of looking through a window instead of the rather "flat" experience you get with 3D glasses (Moving your body does not affect the movie). The movement of the images is greatly over exaggerated in this prototype.

There is a downside though, only one person can experience it at a time.

On the video the headtracking device is mounted on the camera, which gives you a hint of the experience.

1 x Nintendo Wii Remote
1 x 3M safety glasses with LED lights
2 x Infrared LED's to replace the LED's on the glasses
1 x Adobe flash


Stefan Greulich

Yes! I've wanted to try this since seeing his videos. Though your recipe needs to include: 1 x hideous nature picture complete with seagull and potatochop farfalla.