The Worms At Heaven's Gate

Tine Winther Rysgaard
07 Jun 2011
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A collection inspired by the words and mood of a poem by Wallace Stevens:

The Worms At Heaven's Gate

Out of the tomb, we bring Badroulbadour,
Within our bellies, we her chariot.
Here is an eye. And here are, one by one,
The lashes of that eye and its white lid.
Here is the cheek on which that lid declined,
And, finger after finger, here, the hand,
The genius of that cheek. Here are the lips,
The bundle of the body and the feet.
Out of the tomb we bring Badroulbadour.

The following lovely words were written by Holly Bruce from the wonderful blog at

"(....) So reads 'The Worms at Heaven's Gate' by Wallace Stevens, an entracing poem which is - superficially, mostly - concerned with grotesque death but upon closer inspection speaks loudly about the transient nature of beauty. It is a memorable verse which instilled Danish designer Tine Winther Rysgaard with the inspiration to base an entire collection on its darkly romantic values.

Tine's use of varying textures and tones to signal the passing of time reflect Stevens' words in the form of a wonderful series of knits. As with the poem, there are signs of danger and decay in the clothes but, ultimately, a strange kind of comfort, especially in the soft necklines and bundled head-wraps. Equally, the proportions and placement of fabrics have all been wonderfully thought-out. I love this collection, which is overwhelmingly inviting and intriguing."

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Photographer: Ida Buss