Neo Vespa - Electric Scooter

Emil Thomsen Schmidt
11 Oct 2011
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The scooter as we know it today hasn't changed much since Piaggio created the Vespa in 1946. The original Vespa was, and still is an icon of great design and innovation, and every scooter on todays market are trying either to imitate the original charm of the Vespa or look like a scaled down superbike.
Inspired by the innovative approach to personal transportation of the original Vespa, I created this concept which utilizes a three-wheeled layout and a way more low-slung driving position.

The three-wheled layout along with the larger wheels compared to regular scooters results in a much higher amount of stability. Propulsion comes in the form of an electric drive system specifically designed for scooters, from KLD Energy. At low speed the scooter rises to raise the drivers overview, and when the speed is increased the scooter automatically lowers down. When parking the scooter is completely raised to make entry/exit easy, and to minimize the amount of parking space required.

An aluminum frame with plastic body panels gives the construction stiffness and keeps the weight of the scooter at a minimum.


Emil Thomsen Schmidt

Tak tak! Skidtet er renderet i Photoworks '09 (tror det er 09'eren) med en eller anden hdri scene jeg fandt. Lidt funky paraply-lampe refleksioner, men det går nok.