"Branch" and "Branch: The Nebula Domination"

20 Jun 2011
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“BRANCH” is an action packed computer game of cosmic importance made as part of the DADIU programme.

Play it at: www.branchgame.com

The game is set on the branches of the great cosmic Nebula tree of Life. You are the defender of the tree. A race of simple minded hydraulic robots has decided that the cosmic tree is nothing more than a source of energy. To prevent the robot invasion you must re-direct forceful streams of ancient powers towards the robots trying to prevent their invasion and save the universe.

The game offers its players an original gaming experience and doing so by using simple mechanics and an easily understandable gameplay.

Simply raise and lower tiles using your mouse while magical streams of Nebular flow runs downwards from tile to tile -like water- towards the battles at the frontlines.

The game requires the player to constantly adjust, re-think strategically and respond quickly. This makes “Branch” suitable for the desired target audience of 15-35 year old with an interest in strategic war-games.

"BRANCH: THE NEBULA DOMINATION" is a concept for an online multiplayer game and builds on the foundation from "Branch".

Where "Branch" focused on immediate action this game has a much slower pace and focuses on: strategic decision making, time-management skills and social interaction, between players within the same alliance, through several months of play.

The game is free to play but it uses a brand new business model (invented for this project) that takes supporting the players' favorite Branch faction (Nebular or Hydraulics) to a whole new level!:
The players can "invest" in the in game “property” and while the company is charging a small fee for doing so, the players can actually own the land tiles inside the game and earn “real” money by taking over enemy tiles! Money that can be withdrawn from the game at any time he desires!

There will be limitations on the just mentioned in game “buy ins”. This means that, while it might give him some in game benefits, just pumping a lot of money into the game will never secure a player a victory and will therefore never be worth more than the players investing their time and tactical skills. Since this will ruin the game for non-paying players!
These “buy ins” should therefore be perceived as an attractive and easily affordable “investment” into an emotional experience the players enjoy anyway. - A gameplay experience which they will take pride in contributing to and therefore willingly want to support just to give their alliance a small lift!