Aria. Your naturally imperfect glass.

Elisabetta Coccioni
15 Jan 2012
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“When we were little kids we used to go walking on the mountains…remember? One time we walked all the way up to that little house, the one on the very top, it looked so small from down there! We walked, run sometimes, the nature changing slowly around us. The clouds suspended in the atmosphere, going fast and slow, so distant and sometimes so close and involving. I remember that moment when we were completely surrounded by white, it was difficult to see each other, it was scary and fascinating at the same time and then, suddenly, the colors appearing and delicately reshaping our path… I wonder how it would be to go up there now, how would it look like this time?”

Aria is a family of mouth blown glasses made using a mixed technique able to control the shape and at the same time allow the glass to express itself naturally.

The project is inspired by the Wabi-sabi philosophy in its aesthetics and positive attitude towards imperfection. Co-design methods are integrated with workshop experiments on shape and glass expressions and the constructive dialogue with the master blower in order to create a viable product candidate for industrial mass production.