Copper in color a candelier

Ellinor Ericsson
27 Oct 2014
Copper in colors
Classical copper
frosty copper
verdigris green copper
white copper
black copper
single chandelier classical copper
Frosty and classical copper chandeliers together
Hanging copper chandelier
Hanging copper chandelier with brass details and leather string.
Hanging copper chandelier without connections and strings
All production is made in my appartment/studio at Sankt Peders Stræde Cph.
Redy to be delivered or on its way to christmas market!
Christmas markets
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Ellinor Ericsson has made chandeliers out of copper fittings since 2009 when she got the inspiration from the schools ceramic oven that was put to pieces to be moved and its copper tubes was in a curly pile and made nice shapes and connections.

The chandelier is made in a curly shape with two candles in one connection, you can combine two chandeliers and get four candles and play around with different ways of combining them.

This year 2014 Ellinor created the "Copper color collection" in frosty copper, white, black and verdigris green. The idea of this is to be able to combine the different ones when you have two chandeliers in a couple or just as a single one.

There is also one hanging chandelier with brass details and leather strings.

All the chandeliers is made by the designer in her tiny appartment at Sankt peders stræde in Copenhagen, as well as the screen print on the boxes.

Look out for comming christmas markets as finders keepers etc or to get in contact with Ellinor and otherwise it is for the moment possible to buy the chandelier in the following stores; Mumuland, Lysfabriken, and Artium.