Gayndah Youth Project

Hilde Holm
10 Jun 2012
Welcome to Gayndah Youth Club! This perspective shows the entrance
Cinema room
Chill out room with cave
Climbing room
Socializing area
Study / reading room
Dining area
Multi purpose room with dance practice
Technical drawing - chill out room floor deck
Floor plan
The video takes you on a journey through the many different stages that shaped this project
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With the ideal of creating an after school activity centre that facilitated health promoting activities for young people, I have embraced and learned new research methods to gain a better understanding of the needs and wants of kids between the age of 13-18, living in Gayndah, Australia. I have included the end-users in most of the design process and based the final result on the information I gained from the various field observations, workshops and interviews. I feel I have come up with a concept and project that speaks the kids language through the use of vibrant colours, soft materials and different expressions in each room. I have provided a variety of choices from the relaxing chill out room to the challenging climbing wall. By doing so, I have touched base with the physical, social and mental aspects of health promotion through my final design choices. When going back to Gayndah in September, I will do everything in my power to see this project develop from drawings and plans, into a Youth Club filled with engaged and inspired young people.