Kandidatprojekt - Service og Sansning / Masters project - Tableware and our senses - Collaboration with restaurant "Ti Trin Ned" Fredericia - New Nordic Gastronomy

Jacqueline De Abrew
16 Jun 2014
Samarbejde med restaurant "Ti Trin Ned" i Fredericia - Mette Gassner
Smedning af bestik - Cutlery forging
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Jacqueline De Abrew

The project concerns tableware and our senses, and my question was: How can we affect humans senses and habits through cutlery and plates used for a social meal?
This tableware design is meant to influence our habits, while dining at a gastronomic restaurant. The tactile surfaces and materials – stainless steel, oak wood, ceramics and copper, are chosen to trigger our senses. These solutions combined with a social meal, create a whole new dining experience.
The relationship between function and aesthetics in the cutlery and plates, have been very important for me in terms of people's eating habits. The result has been achieved through a research and analysis process, in collaboration with Mette Hvarre Gassner from restaurant "Ti Trin Ned" in Fredericia.