Jessica Di Nota
08 Oct 2013
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KLONK is a storyteller.
It is an object for your home that tells you stories about your water consumption and your daily live.
The stories will help you to get a sense and understanding of how much water you are using in your household.
Whenever you use water KLONK will start collecting data about your daily water use and home life through audio recordings and slowly start revealing itself to you. When you have reached your maximum water usage KLONK will be completely visible and fall out. For resetting KLONK you manually put the block back in and start new recordings. The less water you use the more time there is for KLONK to tell stories.

With KLONK I have tried to create a link between the need for self documentation, memories and water consumption.
Only by having a sound water consumption, the users are able to document their own stories. KLONK creates an emotional
connection between the wateruse and consumer through the possibility of collecting their daily memories and also makes the
intangible water usage tangible and perhaps a little more understandable.

It is about people and objects and to establish a link between the human story and the object - perhaps even to equate them and at the same time give people and overview of their wateruse.

Often we seek some kind of meaning in an object - creating a story or giving the object a certain value through the memories we have revolving the object. But does the object only have a story through us, or does it tell its own?
And How does incoorporating stories within an object affect the interaction between user and object?