JO Dialog™

Jo Korneliussen
25 Jan 2013
JO Dialog™ In context
Product picture
Schematic overview of the different lights
A closer look of the dialogue lighting
Exploded view of a dialogue lighting element
Exploded view of the table lighting element
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Lighting over a table, is today focusing on what is placed on the table. JO Dialog ™ is also focusing on who is sitting around the table. The lamp is devided into two types of lighting, the table lighting and the dialogue lighting. The table lighting is the well known lighting from a today’s table situation, it defines a zone. The dialogue lighting on the other hand, is a new element that is placed higher up from the table, and creates a comfortable lighting that is good for looking at other people. This is done by combining three types of lighting: Sidelight, which creates good shadow effects, Fill light, which softens hard shadows, and an ambient light, which reduces the glare. JO Dialog ™ is an attempt to improve the lighting over today’s table situation, by creating a lighting that allows us see each other better.