MYX - mycelium textile project

Jonas Edvard
21 Aug 2013
Incubation of the lamp takes 2 weeks and needs low light and mid temperature
The growing period needs to be controlled, avoiding infection
The lampshade consists of mycelium and plantfibres, the thickness of the lamp is approx 4-5 mm.
after 3 weeks the mushroom fruit will appear and in only 3-4 days it will ripen.
Each lamp produces between 500-600 gr. of Healthy Oyster mushrooms.
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by Jonas Edvard 2013

Pendant lamp produced in mushroom based textile

The lamps consist of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium. The lamps are grown into the shape during a period of 2 weeks, where the mushroom eats and grows together the plant fibres into a flexible and soft living textile. After harvesting of the edible mushrooms, the waste can be used a dry and lightweight material, that is both organic, compostable and sustainable. The mushroom mycelium stabilizes the construction by physically growing together the material behaving as a glue between the fibres. During the production period every lamps produces 500-600 gr of Oyster mushrooms, that is both nutritious and healthy.

Material: Plant fibres, Mushroom mycelium
Association: Master Project in product design at the Royal Academy of Art, school of design, Copenhagen Denmark 2013
Dimensions: Diameter: 32 cm Height: 29 cm
Words and images: Courtesy of Jonas Edvard
Photos: Jonas Edvard