Cody and Butterfly

Josefine Maurer
13 Jul 2017
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As a part of my job at Cube Design A/S I prepared the design of Cody and Butterfly for production.
Cody is a lounge-working sofa and Butterfly is an adjustable table. Cody and Butterfly are designed by Dimitris Palyvos, Jeppe Borchers Jensen, Tilde Haasen Brinch and Yussef Abdul-Karim from Aalborg University, as a part of the design competition Design Boost.
Cube Design bought the design rights and I was responsible for making the idea a reality with the production facilities at Cube Design in mind.
The shell of Cody and the upholster plates are made by the CNC machine, where I have made the detailed dxf drawings for the WoodWOP program and that ensures that all the dowel holes line up neatly and that the upholstering clicks on easily.
I was also responsible for the 3D drawing and detailing of both Cody and Butterfly for renderings and interior design.
Butterfly was only a theoretical idea, when Cube Design bought it, and I developed the technical parts, that makes the table adjustable.