Josephine Dohlmann
17 Jun 2012
The Home Office. Providing at private atmosfere along with social interaktion
Wallscreen & Storrage system
Connecting the screens
Storrage stystem. Flexible by sticks, elastic and leather. Move as you prefer.
The Pad. Here shown as a mousepad
The pad going around the edge of the tabletop
Undercarriage of the desk
Foam, leather and front leg detail of the chair
Connecting the uppolstry to the wooden carriage with stick and elastics
Back of the chair
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The Home Office

A wallscreen with a multifunctional storage system. Place your wallscreen whereever you prefer and need and place your belongings within reach by sticking and tucking it in, behind the elastics, sticks and leather pockets. All can be moved around to suit your needs and aesthetics.

Use the writingpad or mousepad on your desk in your everyday life. The pad will not only protect you desk, but also provide comfort for your arm while resting on the table edge during your work. The pad can be removed from the tabletop by pulling our the stick and releaseing it from the elastic, however you can also release and flip over the entire tabletop, so that your pad will be placed in the left side of the desk.

The chair design is a tribute to the foam, witch is the essence of comfort in a chair - though normally hidden away. Here you can see the foam, touch it and change it when needed. The chair, screen and desk are all made with a simple and almost iconic look, however the new way of attatching your tekstile to the wood and also foam and comfomrt, is not only a new element in furniture design, but also highly enviromentel and made with though of the worlds contemporary challenges.

All i all my home office provides its buyers with a simple, strong and contemporary design, made from rough and cheap materials to give a low salesprice, but a high stand on moral and aesthetics.