Bodum Cogo - Bodum Design Award 2012 Entry
30 Nov 2012
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The Bodum Cogo is a multi functional serving unit, that combines typical serving and table products in one unit. The project entered in the 2012 Bodum Design Award.

Further idea and concept description:
The word ‘cogo’ comes from latin, and means to collect or gather,
and that is in many ways the essence of my design proposal. This
product aims to simplify, ease and enhance the experience of
serving and eating meals.
To achieve this, I’ve set up to gather a number of table and serving
related objects, and combine them in one product. This should result
in a product that simplifies and eases the whole table arrangement,
while also optimizing and reducing the required table space, which
is very fitting in dining situations with limited space. Furthermore, it
should hopefully also result in a natural and aesthetic gathering
point on the table.
So with this in mind, I started out looking at the heat trivet, a very
common but also often necessary element to have in connection
with warm meals. By lifting this element from the table surface, I
would make area underneath it available for other dining related
items. This heat trivet could also acts as a serving tray, by making it
mobile and function on its own.
And so underneath the heat trivet, I decided to place a turnable bowl
with five small separate spaces in it, suitable to contain small side
dishes or snacks, practical items like tooth sticks or matches, or even
decorative items like small pebbles or flowers.
Finally, in the middle of the Cogo, I placed a hollow glass cylinder on,
similar to a glass hurricane, on top of a stationary base. This would
to both hold the trivet/serving tray, and also contain a tealight, which
would be used to both keep the food on the trivet warm, but also
have the decorate and cosy effect a tealight gives.
These are the elements and intentions that make up the Cogo, which
hopefully all should result in a product that simplifies, eases and
enhances the overall experience of serving and eating meals.

Technical details
Overall measures (height x diameter): 17cm x 357cm
The dish-part (height x diameter): 32,5cm x 357cm
The bowl-part (height x diameter): 41cm x 308cm
The hurricane and base (height x diameter): 155cm x 23cm