lærke Marie Valum
29 Jul 2014
Watch some of the collection on the catwalk at 3:25
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The essence of the collection is the transformation of the architectural space into a wearable void. The space that exists around the body, is a potential void,- a home, both in architecture and in fashion. The space in architecture can be transformed to the body and thereby the clothes becomes a wearable home.
The collection is a transformation of the modern Japanese architecture made by Tadao Ando who has a distinct minimalistic style and his buildings creates a sense of emptiness. The walls, colours and the use of space in the buildings are transformed into textile materials and moulded around the body.
Creating the void
The goal of the process was also to create a new design method. A method that gives room to intuition and where the different sketching techniques are 3D and thereby naturally creates space in the final pieces. The first sketches of the silhouettes in the collection are collages made 3D by lifting the paper pieces from the background with needles.

The collection is a limited collection of 19 pieces. All made in natural materials, that span from soft, and see-trough materials to more heavy felted wool, to show both a softer and more direct translation of the architecture. In selected styles the felted wool are bonded before it was cut out to give more hold and volume. The collection ranges from the abstract to the simple and contains classic styles with clear recognizable codes. This makes the collection readable as clothing, and adds stillness, which let the more abstract pieces stand out.

Photographer Petra Kleis.
Stylist Nanna Rosenfeldt.
Model Malou Høgenhaven.