Cage book case

Laura Faurschou
08 Jan 2012
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Design collaboration with fellow designer Topi Mäkinen for Tammi Book anniversary. The idea is to exhibit the books and their covers instead of hiding them in a bookcase. To make the books conversation pieces in the home. When the books are displayed out in the open instead of only showing their backs you can enjoy their artwork and show your friends what you are reading right now.
The book cage is a simple construction of metal wire.
It does not confined the books but displays them in a sculpture way which stands out from traditional book cases.
The construction is held together by gravity and can be assembled and separated according the amount of books that needs to be stored. The construction is based on two components; a circle and a stick with a hock in each end. Each ‘layer’ of the cage consist of one ring and three sticks. To make room for more books just add another ring and tree extra sticks.
Ones the books are hung from the cage the metal structure disappears and the books seem to gravitate in the air.
The cage hangs from the celling and the book circles around the center in a way that displays their front cover with its illustration.