Mitt Unika

Lene Tangen
20 Jun 2011
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Project title: Unique

In my graduation project, I have been working with cast glass. By using this technique, my expression as an artist becomes clearer. I work with clay and can sculpt the inner form of the piece. The optical qualities of glass, gives the viewer a three dimensional visual experience when viewing the work from all angles.
My inspiration in this project has been from the ocean and water, the transformation from liquid to a solid (ice). Glass as a material has these same qualities. I have tried to illustrate my fascination of water as an element with my graduation piece. I wanted the form to be sharp, as ice. The inner form is shaped organic, and the form can be opened to relieve the inner space. As a contrast to the outer form witch is geometric, with sharp edges, the inner form is organic and rough to give movement and life to the piece.
I have polished the piece by hand, so the optical qualities of the glass can reveal the inner form and can tell my story to the viewer.

Cast Glass, hand polished. 35x20x10cm. 2 parts, top to vessel 5,4 kg. Vessel 6,6 kg Total weight: 12 kg
May/June 2011, at The Danish Design School, Bornholm, Denmark