Stone&Noble Lamps

Line Falk
30 Nov 2011
Nathalies 3D-expert Ole helped us do these renderings.
For materials we've chosen green marbel for the top, og brass for the base grid. We've also played with the idea of using copper or bronze for the base and horn, amber or shiny brass for the lampshade.
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This is the proces from the very first sketches and clay models to the final renderings of a lamp I'm going to make with a friend and interior designer Nathalie Schwer. The project and the aesthetics has changed a lot since the beginning of December. Our deadline was 24th of December.

Our keywords are; geometric sculpture, monumental, heavy, symmetric vs. asymmetric, deconstruction or subtraction, mignette, totem, facets.

We entered the lamps in a competition for which I described the lamps the following:

The two final lamps are named Stone&Noble and are shaped in relation to each other.

These two lamps in love, are inspired by the geometric properties of crystalline shapes and are in fact an arranged repetition of one shape - a pyramid - that is predisposed majesticly on top of the repeated shape of itself.

The lamp top and lamp base are mirrored in shape, but the top is massive while the base is a slender grid drawing the outline of the lamp base. This relation between light and heavy substantiates the story of the couple with its both masculine and feminine attributes having both sculptural qualities of being a container and an instrument.

The monumental language of the lamps and the dialogue between them encourages a mental silence, greatness and concentration and in effort to reinforce this peace for studies we have experimented with heavy, exquisite and rather massive materials such as brass, copper and bronze for the base of the lamp and green marble, massive wood veneer and honey nuanced horn for the shade.

The two lamps have great flexibility in their abilities of positioning - they can be placed together like threedimensional puzzlepieces, or separately in any direction desirable - giving possibilities for directional lighting with angular shadows from the basegrid.

The experimental positioning emphasizes the sculptural values and gives a playful approach to the solemn atmosphere.