Retail Design : Norse Projects

Lisa Modéer
15 Jan 2012
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Retail Design: Norse Projects
- From a 2D brand identity to a 3D brand experience.

The purpose of the project is to create a retail design concept for the Danish modern streetwear brand "Norse Projects". It's about defining the brand in form of core values and positioning. Architecturally, these are translated into a 3D spatial experience.
The aim is to present a concept that can act as a welcoming and functional retail environment that also can strengthen the Norse Projects brand experience.

A concept is developed from the brand definition; a fusion between urban/ skate and nature/outdoor environment. The concept also focuses on three functions/elements in the store environment: 1) shop floor display, 2) back wall and 3) clothing rail. The concept model can be implemented in different scale depending on location by combining modules of the three elements. The concept is presented, implemented as a “Norse Projects brand store” (approx. 180 m2) at a specific location and as four individual “shop-in-shop” versions, in different scale based on store location.