INTERZONE / A/W 2017 / AP Degree Exam / 4th semester

12 Mar 2017
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On my AP Degree education at VIA Design (TEKO), I was taught how to work as a design assistant at a brand. The main start of any project was to research on a chosen designer or/and brand, and thereby map out and analyze the design DNA to know how to begin a design development, and which elements that were important to have as a recognizable signature for the brand.

For my exam in the summer of 2016, I chose to work with the designer Raf Simons, and the main issue for me to answer on this project was: "How would a womenswear collection look like, if Raf Simons had a womenswear line in his namesake brand?"
I researched a lot on the designer and found out that he very often includes art as a main inspiration, he always uses primary colors like red, blue and yellow, and he has a very interesting and either understated or exaggerated language in both silhouette and detailing.

I chose to develop a collection which goes through three different art forms; Cubism, Cubo-futurism and Suprematism, where I found different ways to communicate my inspiration.
The collection is called "Interzone", because it is supposed to have a torn feeling from one art form to the other and eventually float out in space.