Super Normal - a sustainable furniture system

Live Berg
16 Oct 2014
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Super Normal is a furniture system inspired by the concept of Morrison and Fukasawa. Defined as objects that adopt a familiar shape or aesthetic, and make use of traditional forms, materials and production techniques. Objects that operates intuitively and blends in with people and surroundings.

To me, this has become a way of thinking sustainability within design. While products keeps getting shorter lives, gets launched and disappear again , these furnitures demonstrates the opposite. With their archetypical shape, solid and durable materials, versatile functions, and demountable construction I have tried to create a range of furnitures that can withstand the test of time. Their simple, and contour like character, hides many possible functions. In addition of being individually furnitures, they also work together, creating an endless range of possibilities. No glue, or toxic additives is used for the construction, so each part can safely be recycled.

Materials: solid oak, black burnished steel, black stain