Louise Reimer Jakobsen
17 Aug 2013
the making of + in use
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nordlys is a ceramic bio fireplace.

I'm really fond of the idea of a bio fireplace.
- you don't need to have a chimney,
- it can hang on any types of walls.
- the fire is pure, doesn't spreading any particles, as with candles.

But the expression of the existing bio fireplaces doesn't match to how I feel about flames and fire.
Through a questionnaire I found some words that describes the nordics peoples relation to fire:
- warmth.
- cosiness.
- relaxing.
- calm.
- presence.
- something basic.

I wanted to create an bio fireplace with an expression that relates more to how the nordic people feel about fire.

nordlys has an endless shape which is forming a perfect space for the flames virtical short existence.
And creates a inner intimate space of light and warmth, which evokes a deep calm and presence.