Mads Wind Leihøj
24 Jan 2013
3d print.
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ATTAIN is a new means of transport that provides wheelchair users greater freedom of movement. 

Detailed Description: 

ATTAIN gives the user access to places that are usually available as a pedestrian or wheelchair user, while also enables transport over shorter distances to places that are normally reached by bike or car. ATTAIN is a hybrid between a manual and an electric wheelchair. The vehicle provides the user the same mobility as an electric scooter without compromising the functions of the manual wheelchair. The primary target group is people with spinal cord injuries.


The main feature of the design is the adjustable height function, which provides the ability to switch between two positions: wheelchair and bike mode. In wheelchair mode the vehicle requires less space, which makes it suitable for driving indoor or on the sidewalk. The user can control the chair manually by using the hand rims with the support of an auxiliary motor, or with the joystick. The maximum speed gained from the motor is 6 km/h. If the user would like to travel longer distances that are too far to drive in a manual wheelchair, then he/she can switch to bike mode. In bike mode the user sits lower and further away from the wheels, which position is safer for driving with a maximum speed of 15 km/h on the bike road. In this mode the user controls the vehicle with a joystick. In the rear wheels there is a built-in motor powered by a 24V lithium battery, which lasts for 25 km driving on one charge. 


ATTAIN intends to give more freedom in mobility and make the every-day life easier for their users by combining the functions of an electric scooter and the features of a manual wheelchair. In order to improve the users’ experience and relation to the environment the seating position in wheelchair mode is higher than in an ordinary wheelchair. The rear wheels are tilted with 4 degrees, what increases stability and makes the chair easier to control. The support of the auxiliary motor helps to prevent injuries in the shoulder and wrist that regularly appear among wheelchair users. These injuries can easily progress to chronic pain, which reduces the possibilities to maintain an independent life. The minimalistic, sporty design of ATTAIN gives an energetic and youthful feel to the wheelchair without exhibiting the user’s disability.