Maria Legaard Kjeldsen
13 Aug 2015
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An installation of 155 identical and simple seating elements provides the setting for the meeting between people in Art Zone at Roskilde Festival 2015. The elements are placed in grids into three clusters. In one cluster you sit with a comfortable distance to others. In another the distance is too long to have a conversation, while in the third cluster you get very close. The installation might challenge a conversation between friends or provoke interaction between festival-goers who are strangers to each other. In some of the seating elements are built surprises. Some make noises when you sit down. Some blow soap bubbles, while others rotate. As in a game the surprises work as a punishment or reward. In a playful way you become aware of where you sit, how and with whom. /2015

Photos by Jens Begtrup and Maria Legaard Kjeldsen.