Maria Legaard Kjeldsen
13 Aug 2015
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Exhibition design for "What's Happening?" at The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) - an exhibition that focuses on Danish and international experimental art between 1965 and 1975. A passage of laths and mdf invites visitors inside and shows news from the decade. Showcases are made in the same simple building materials inspired by the quick constructions from the period. An open and clear layout supports a flat structure. Films that are a recurring element in the exhibition are projected onto hanging screens to obtain a light expression. Walls form a background and create rhythm through the space. Three-dimensional works are exhibited behind the walls and two-dimensional works on the permanent walls. A handed out news paper communicates the background about the art pieces. The strict exhibition design works as setting for the expressive art pieces and meets a contemporary viewer. /2015

The project is developed in collaboration with the exhibition team at SMK. Photos by SMK and Maria Legaard Kjeldsen.