Development of Toolbox Containing Methods for Human-Robot Interaction Design

Mette Pedersen
08 Feb 2016
Useflow template
Interaction mapping overview template
Interaction mapping detail template
Brand Personality exercise
Robot Personality template
Context of the Robot template
Scenario Card template
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For my master thesis I developed a toolkit of methods for improved human-robot interaction design. In the field of robotics traditional methods from product design or human-computer interaction is normally used in the development. The aim of the project was to develop dedicated methods for human-robot interaction design, considering all the dimensions of robots in a holistic way. With this project I dived deep into the concept of interaction and all the modalities we humans use in communicating. I also got to reflect on the design process and the staging, facilitation and use of design methods in developing my own. The outcome of the project was a toolkit consisting of 4 methods, with a comprehensive guide to their use and suggested useflow.