Vinyl cover with analog light animation

Michael Hansen
06 Apr 2012
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This is an album cover for the modern classical composer Allan Gravgaard Madsen. My idea was to translate Allan’s sensuous music to a visual experience with a element of senuality.
The album is separetet on the records two sides. There isn’t any A or B side, each contains a piece of Allan’s work Waves and Crystal Tapastry. Each has its own front page; Waves is a visualisation of the music performed by nine trompets in a line. I made it as simpel as posible with nine circels on a line. Crystal Tapestry is a pattern of crystals that has no front or back end, it refers to a crystal that merge into it self. Inside I made a visualisation that combines the two sides, a crystalized wave. On the record i made patterns that gives the design a visual sensuality. I made an analog animation with a 50 Hz strobe lamp and got it to interact with the music.