Nadja Friis
13 Apr 2012
Concept image
laser cutted organza. To the left, 1 layer. To right, 5 layers
The outfit: Jacket and pants made of 5 layers of organza. The organza has been laser cutted 'with animals'
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Model: Elisabeth Lucas

Spring 2011

I was asked to make something white, so I looked at the technical properties of white, such as transparency, shadow and spatial feeling. I created a technique consisting of five layers of organza that has laser cutted holes, creating transparency, shadow and spatial feeling.
Besides ‘the white inspiration’ I used an image of a glass house with animals. The glass house illustrates the transparency and spatial feeling. The animals became the figures of the laser cutted ‘holes’.
The result is a white five layered, animal laser cutted, organza suit (pants and jacket).