Nikolaj Steenfatt
25 Jun 2013
making of
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IMPASTO is a self-invented biodegradable natural fibre composite made of leftovers from wood-, coffee- and skin production. The raw materials are mixed with pigment into a dough, pressed, rolled and folded into flat sheets. The colours become partially mixed. This makes every sheet unique. Afterwards the sheet can be shaped by vacuum forming.The project was based on sustainable materials research. This led to experiments with different natural fibres and binders, with the aim of creating a new material that is biodegradable, easy to work with and simple to understand. The development of the production process is driven by an idea of creating a process that is adaptable to the industry, but has a unique output as if it was handmade.

The process has so far been used in a series of products, where the meeting of oak and fibre composite has become a central detail in the design. The “handmade – high tech” process makes every piece in the collection unique.

The project is my graduation project from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design 2013. The project received a scholarship from The National Bank in Denmark



Hej Nikolaj. Jeg har anbefalet dit afgangsprojekt til et af de store ingeniørfirmaer i Danmark. De vil måske gerne udstille det, hvis man kan sidde på møblerne? Hilsen Tim