Waste monkeys

Richard Edwards
13 Jan 2012
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Waste presorting system for schools, including a series of 10 collectors. The 'waste monkeys' (or 'affaldsaber') are an appealing and convenient solution to help schools pre-sort their rubbish for recycling. The unique colour codes and hole shapes tap in to the user's subconscious mind, making sorting of the many waste fractions as simple and instinctive as possible.
Designed for wall mounting to allow cleaning underneath, these versatile collectors can be wheeled out of classrooms, offices and other tight spaces out to a collection or emptying point. The extendable pull bar at the back makes handling and transport easier. Hidden grips under the rim (or ears) at the sides of the collector ease the lifting operation, while small hooks under the front edge (or chin) latch on to the outdoor containers' edge to lessen the weight burden when tipping out the waste.
The faces on the lids invite pupils to use them, and the holes (or mouths) reflect the typical shape of the items to be deposited. The waste monkeys provide the missing link in a total presorting system, tailor-made for the school environment.
Developed in collaboration with Vestforbrænding and Den Alternative Skole (Hillerød).