Ronni Bjørnum Bengtsson


Ronni Bjørnum Bengtsson

Kunstakademiets Designskole


I am a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, located in the center of Copenhagen in Denmark. Here I study furniture design.

With my background in carpentry good craftsmanship is at the core of my work. The strength in danish design is therefor for me, an understanding of craft-related skills and knowledge, which can be lead back in history and radiate quality, durability and beauty. This approach I would like to carry on.

When I am designing I am offent inspired by cultural and historical phenomena and I enjoy using old craftmansip tecnics in a contemporary expression. I also devote myself very sensual and emotionally in my design process, and somehow I therefor feel extremly connected to my designs. In the design prosess I also attaches great importance to spend the time needed to do my research, prototyping and so on, to reach a result. My favorite part of the process is the time I spend in the workshop, where I get to use my hands and skills.


BA - Møbel & Rum. Kunstakademiets Designskole.
Copenhagen. 2012 - ????

Vera - Skole for Kunst og Design.
Copenhagen. Jan - Juni 2012

Furniture Design Course. Central Saint Martins.
London. Aug 2011

Cabinetmaker. Københavns Tekniske Skole.
Graduated with a Silver Medal and Received Scholarship from A.P. Møller & Wife Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fund.
Copenhagen. 2007 - 2010