New Old Nordic - Sofa

Ronni Bjørnum Bengtsson
03 Sep 2015
Research: Exploring lash technics inspiried from the danish stoneage. Also looking into lasercutting of old ornamentation and symbols in rawhide.
Sketching process...
Sketching process..
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New Old Nordic is my bachelorproject. In the project I investigated the following question:

How can I on the basis of Danish ancient ornamentation and craftsmanship create a contemporary furniture collection? And can insight in these traditions produce aesthetic and functional qualities?

The design is based particularly on the lash technics used in the Danish stoneage. The furnitures are therefor not glued or screwed together in any way, but only held in place by lashes.

Material used in this design: Smoked Oak, Brass, Leather String and Rawhide.

A more detailed text to come...