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Erika Östman

Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole

Architect Cand.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
School of Architecture

Copenhagen - Denmark


Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

I’m ambitious and focused on the interaction between technology and users, interested in how to release the imbedded value of a solution by building support structures and systems. It has to work, not just funtion.
I have experience with user experience methods, concept developing and quantifying technology research. As an engineer i am analytical and systematic in my approach, trained in problem solving and facilitating technology.

This is a snippet of some of my work, showcasing my imbedde...

Kristine Charlotté Dalgaard

VIA University College

28 year old fashion designer, educated from TEKO, Via University College in Denmark.

During the design process I find the research part intriguing. To search and find new tendencies, materials, silhouettes and cuts and to collect and select the best parts for inspiring moods and universes is by far the most exciting section.

What characterizes me, as a designer, is that I have a strong mind and a deeply dedicated approach to creating and designing fashionable clothing, conceptual accessor...


VIA University College

I am a 26 year old fashion designer, educated from TEKO, VIA University College, 2017.

My inspiration and design process often begins with a passionate search for unique materials. It is a natural part of the process, to use fabrics as the foundation of a collection. I love to explore the structures, surfaces of the materials and manipulate them, creating a new expression, shape, silhouette or functional detail. Besides the materials I find my inspiration in architectural and artistic elements com...


VIA University College


VIA University College


Kunstakademiets Designskole