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31. October 2016 - 1:18

Illustration for teen story book on WW2./2014


31. October 2016 - 1:13

illustration in vector style.

Production Design ; H A M L E T

31. October 2016 - 0:59

Concept design for hamlet./Autumn 2016

Concept Design

31. October 2016 - 0:54

Hero arrives to the castle. Concept design. Osaka Seikei University./ Spring 2016

Character Design

31. October 2016 - 0:49

Character Design for animation class. Osaka Seikei Univeristy/ spring 2016


4. August 2016 - 13:16

Freelance colab with IDHair, where I worked as a designer and stylist for there AW16 catalogue.
I have worked with trend, creating pieces and styling.


26. July 2016 - 21:14

Illustrations and animation direction for a children's e-book, "Maskarade".

Based on the opera "Maskarade" by Carl Nielsen, with the intent of conveying opera to children.


26. July 2016 - 20:52

Production Design for the graduation film "Dagny" from The Danish Film School animation department.

Director: Peter Lopes Andersson

De Skyldige

26. July 2016 - 19:22

A complete design concept for a television drama production aimed at Danmarks Radio. Collaboration with The Danish Filmschool.

When I'm alone I'm a rebel // Process, screenshots of costumes and video

11. May 2016 - 14:35

An intuitive project. Do what you really want, not what you feel you should do because of the norm. Follow your instincts. The rebel you can be when you're alone.


12. November 2014 - 23:59

Video and art direction for Hotel Pro Forma's 30th anniversary exhibition at Gammel Strand, Copenhagen

Character Designs

25. September 2014 - 19:13


11. September 2014 - 15:28

VINKkbh is a new cultural blog that deals with all the city has to offer of cultural activities. I was so fortunate that they asked me if I would create their logo. I designed a character called VINK.

Primordial Bornholm

24. June 2014 - 21:17

Dette projekt er en prototype af en tablet applikation som præsenterer det uddøde dyreliv som levede på Bornholm for 140 millioner år siden.

Tilbury - Cool Confrontation

20. June 2014 - 22:27

An animated music video for Tilbury's Cool Confrontation.


6. April 2014 - 12:03

Director | Maja Friis
Producer | Mille Haynes

Internal Save The Children campaign

Tegneserie-fortolkning af filmsekvens

5. February 2014 - 0:41

Tegneserie-fortolkning af en sekvens fra filmen "Stoker" af Chan-wook Park.


29. January 2014 - 0:44

Coming from a two-dimensional illustration background, I’ve progressively grown interested in working with the body as a means of expression during my studies at the Danish Design School.

Don´t Let Appearance Fool You.

23. January 2014 - 15:45

Project is based on the trilogy 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. The costumes are composed based on selected characters from the books. The characters are visualized in different ways, based on my personal interpretation of Haruki Murakami's universe.

Samburu, board game

20. January 2014 - 14:44

Samburu is a board game that uses paper folding as a part of the game play. The game is about giraffes trying to pick the fruits from the trees.


2. December 2013 - 21:58

Director: Kira Richards Hansen
Producer: Thomas Gammeltoft


18. November 2013 - 19:07

Different drawings from 2012-2013,,

HC Andersen spil

29. September 2013 - 22:09

Random drawings

29. September 2013 - 21:57

Anup and the Marvellous Stove

24. June 2013 - 23:31

‘Anup and the marvellous stove’ is an interactive storybook app for children.


1. April 2013 - 17:27

Undervands spilkoncept

29. March 2013 - 20:12

Tegneserie, øvelse

17. March 2013 - 19:07

Farfars Erindringer

3. March 2013 - 13:48

Illustrationer til én af min farfars erindringer om at være barn i København under 2. verdenskrig.


22. January 2013 - 22:05

My master thesis at the design school was a conceptual redesign of a manga called “BLAME!” intended for liveaction TV-drama.

SALAO - Visual concept for a tablet game inspired by "The Old Man and The Sea"

21. January 2013 - 19:49

The game is based on Hemingway’s original story, where Santiago proofs his endurance and luck, but in the end loses his fish in a hard-fought battle against the sharks.


21. January 2013 - 1:40

Dette projekt er design og koncept til en animeret tv-serie ved navn Sekundalife.

Lost in the Funhouse - Production Design for animation short film

20. January 2013 - 21:46

My Master Project at the Design school, is a Production Design, for Lost in the Funhouse, an animation midway film at the Danish Film school, directed by animation director William Reynish. The film is 7 minutes long.

Reklame - Røde Kors

7. November 2012 - 18:56

Reklamekoncept med overemnet vand og for en godgørende organisation.

A dream come true

30. October 2012 - 18:47

An attempt of telling a dramatic story in less than 15 frames without any direct language. This is for the reader of the comic to retain a (guided) free interpretetion of the story.

Helles Hotel

16. October 2012 - 14:56

Processen til et audiovisuelt koncept til en del af historien "Helles Hotel" - realfilm som endeligt medie.


20. September 2012 - 13:02

1. år. fra eksamensopgave

Visuel fortælling: En nyfortolkning af H.C. Andersen eventyr: Hvad man kan hitte paa.

BALLERINA - dansedokumentar

8. August 2012 - 13:25

Director: Maja Friis
Producer: Mille Haynes

”Nothing will ever come between me and the dance”

PineStack - A Stacking toy

5. July 2012 - 11:03

PineStack is a redesign of a classic stacking tower. It challenges the child development on several levels and strengthens fine motor skills, gross motor skills and the child’s ability to distinguish color and details.

Frank's Wild Years

29. June 2012 - 0:34

My interpretation of the Tom Waits song "Frank's Wild Years".
The animation is created using After Effects, the figures are linocuts.


18. June 2012 - 22:05

Visuelt koncept til 'Doppler' af Erlend Loe

Reklame - RYANAIR

18. June 2012 - 18:33

Koncept til en reklamefilm for flyselskabet Ryanair (det endelige produkt har realfilm som medie).

'The Thief of Always' - visuelt koncept til animations film

18. June 2012 - 17:28

Graduation project from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

The Thief of Always is a Production Design concept for a 2D animated feature film, based on a fantasy novel by Clive Barker.