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17. June 2014 - 18:04

BA In Visual Communication in collaboration with Stinne Bo.

// see the hole process on:

SALAO - Visual concept for a tablet game inspired by "The Old Man and The Sea"

21. January 2013 - 19:49

The game is based on Hemingway’s original story, where Santiago proofs his endurance and luck, but in the end loses his fish in a hard-fought battle against the sharks.

Årets julekort til Kunstakademiets skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering

2. December 2012 - 12:02

Vinder af årets julekort til Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademis skoler for Arkitektur, Design og Konservering.


20. June 2012 - 1:03

Sketches for a stop-motion film for Liberty ss13 - see project LIBERTY OF LONDON: MEN'S SS13 COLLECTION VIDEO. Completed whilst working at Colville-Walker.