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NOIZE Collection

28. August 2017 - 22:33

Collaboration with Interteam and there new collection NOIZE. Designing, trend and documentation.
The pictures shows a draft of pieces in the collection.


27. May 2017 - 10:16

Hallway serien er en møbelserie, hvor jeg har arbejdet med kombinationer af materialer, farver og former.
Alle møblerne er designet ud fra hvilke funktioner der er behov for i entréen.

Coffee maker

26. May 2017 - 15:19

Early CAD rendition of a coffee maker for "flying tiger".

Fra Fiber til Form

25. May 2017 - 10:26

The project started with an intention of developing a new material, which was to utilize textile in a different and a not-seen-before way in furniture design.


9. May 2017 - 5:28

An outdoor vertical garden sign for a community center in Iztacalco, Mexico City.

Orange Peel draping technique

4. April 2017 - 22:26

August 2015
The Orange Peel method from Shingo Sato's draping techniques.

Architectural Wasteland

29. October 2016 - 15:16

Upcycled jewelry made from acrylic waste and scraps from architectural models.

SHELTER (2014)

26. February 2016 - 9:14


for to personer

SOT - sticks on tour (2013)

25. February 2016 - 11:09

SOT - sticks on tour

MoSo - møbel (2012)

25. February 2016 - 10:47

MoSo - Modulært og Socialt møbel


25. February 2016 - 9:39



Statics - post chair

22. February 2016 - 18:06

the chair is made from the ideals of post construction to make the chair strong and stabile for dynamic and static impact.


21. February 2016 - 14:03

The UMP-Chair was made for Ceramic Designer Ursula Munch-Petersen. In this project we had make furniture for older generations +75 to accommodate their personal, psysical and aeshetic needs.


20. February 2016 - 13:18

Bachelor proejct 2016.


W-CHAIR (2014)

11. February 2016 - 11:54

Samarbejde med Stephanie Rodwell

et møbel - ude og inde (2016)

11. February 2016 - 10:33

For my final thesis project at the Aarhus School of Architecture I experimented with the concept of an in- and outdoor sitting furniture. I develop a chair through 3D models of various folding principles and material experiments.

212 lookbook

25. November 2015 - 0:24

BA Exam project.

Inspiration in the term of Avant-Garde and the fiction world of dystopia.
I have worked with elements of urban street and nomads.

BA Creative Form Project

24. November 2015 - 23:47

KTZ AP exam project: Portfolio Look book

24. November 2015 - 23:38

school exam project, where i took inspiration i brand KTZ.

K20 - et kameramøbel

11. August 2015 - 11:40

For the annual FSC Design Competition, in 2013, we created this piece of furniture for your camera. The thought behind, is that you should have easy access to your camera at all times, and the camera should be a part of your living space.

Cutting and serving boards

3. August 2015 - 13:20

The cutting/serving boards was a design assignment I made for myself, as I have access to a lot of leftover parquet flooring in oak and other nice woods. I wanted to make boards that can be used for serving - breakfast, coffee, lunch, tapas etc.


13. July 2015 - 21:41

The textile collection E S C A P I S M is a Danish - Norwegian collaboration between Josefine Gilbert and Miranda Tengs Brun that shows a personal interpretation of the concept of Escapism. The desire to escape or move from one world to another.

Alien Harvesting Knife

22. June 2015 - 13:50

The assignment was to design some kind of artefact matching a given fictive world.

A stool

5. April 2015 - 18:59

The project was to make an object that was more a sculpture than functional furniture. The organic material clay was used to explore a compression of the human into a box shape.

A foldning in paper

1. April 2015 - 18:20

The aim was to make an experimental model that is more a sculpture than a building. The model must have spatial qualities and a scale that makes it possible to eventually change it into a building.


28. January 2015 - 11:36

porcelæns runde bobler støbt af en honningmelon og en grape.


20. January 2015 - 12:47

Drops of gold and blood.


20. January 2015 - 11:56

Dette store stykke stof er fyldt med farverige dråber. For at bryde dem har jeg trykt mørkere trekanter der vokser ud af stoffet.

OP Chair

10. December 2014 - 10:07

– Icon Chair

Hvid stol inspireret af design ikonet Poul Kjærholm


13. November 2014 - 20:41

Patterns of melted church candles and supersized moles for textile printing


30. October 2014 - 21:20

Bænken er designet med et hul i siddefladen, hvor en sæk giver mulighed for opbevaring.
Sæk er fremstillet i oliebehandlet fyr og bomuldslærred.

Projekt fra 2011.
Bænken er udviklet som en del af et møbelsnedker grundforløb.

Savbukken klapper i

30. October 2014 - 20:22

I forbindelse med Hans J. Wegners 100 års jubilæm er jeg en del af udstillingen Wegner Remix på Kunstmuseet i Tønder.
'Savbukken klapper i' er et redesign af Hans Wegners Savbukstol fra 1952.


29. October 2014 - 10:21

Knægt er designet under en workshop med A/L/O. Projektet bestod i at designe og bygge et møbel i skala 1:1 af materialer tilgængelige i et lokalt byggemarked. Vi havde fem dage til opgaven.

The Stretch Me Chair

27. October 2014 - 23:14

StretchMe is a chair thats about stretching the rules of construction and function for a classical stick-chair according to the danish type.

Copper in color a candelier

27. October 2014 - 1:24

Ellinor Ericsson has made chandeliers out of copper fittings since 2009 when she got the inspiration from the schools ceramic oven that was put to pieces to be moved and its copper tubes was in a curly pile and made nice shapes and connections.

Arkiv 2.6.2

15. October 2014 - 12:56

Afgangsprojekt i samarbejde med Marie Fröhlich

Arkiv 2.6.2 er en bogserie der har til formål, at udvide oplevelsen af tre af de mest almindelige natur objekter i Danmark, via en visuel undersøgelse.

The Tube Me Chair

14. October 2014 - 23:41

The Tube Me Chair is about a tactile interaction with a chair. You are able to braid the naked chair with pillow tubes creating your own upholster with the different textiles.


14. October 2014 - 22:21

The Luggage puffs was created in collaboration with Ire Furniture when I got the task to create interior accessories out of textile waste pieces left from the production of the companies upholstered furnitures.

In Our Nature

6. August 2014 - 1:21

Furnitures is a part of our way of living and shows our behavior, we furnish our lives with them and live in-between them.

The Pen

30. July 2014 - 11:08

Finalist in the competition The Golden Fur Pen


29. July 2014 - 13:10


Master Thesis Project

26. July 2014 - 0:27

My approach to this master thesis project originates in my interest in industrial design as well as my enthusiasm for the craft aspect of making furniture.


30. June 2014 - 20:02

Brainstorm meeting, sketch, digital model, email and PowerPoint; the design process of creating objects today tends to metaphysically exist in our minds.

BA project- Transformation of Prora

6. June 2014 - 22:17

The aim of this BA project was to come up with a proposal for transforming Prora (A huge holiday resort in Rügen, build by the Nazis, but never finished in 1936-39) Into a learning centre for students from Berlin University of Arts.