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31. October 2016 - 1:13

illustration in vector style.

Character Design

31. October 2016 - 0:49

Character Design for animation class. Osaka Seikei Univeristy/ spring 2016

Character Design

31. October 2016 - 0:44

School project for character design. Samurai battle scene.(osaka seikei univeristy, animation program)/spring 2016


13. November 2014 - 21:32

Design a maritime event in Elsinore, Denmark.


13. November 2014 - 20:24

Danish waste management company Vestforbrænding aims to improve waste sorting habits in households in Hellarup, Denmark

Interaction design of app for kids

9. June 2014 - 11:00

Interaction design of an app for kids going to the zoological museum. A gamification of the learning process.

Samburu, board game

20. January 2014 - 14:44

Samburu is a board game that uses paper folding as a part of the game play. The game is about giraffes trying to pick the fruits from the trees.


18. November 2013 - 18:30

My project began as an idea for how to show how much a smartphone affects our everyday life and social life, I took communication as a design very literally and thought how modern man communicates, and it is beginning to be a normal trend to have facebo

HC Andersen spil

29. September 2013 - 22:09

Random drawings

29. September 2013 - 21:57

Anup and the Marvellous Stove

24. June 2013 - 23:31

‘Anup and the marvellous stove’ is an interactive storybook app for children.

Undervands spilkoncept

29. March 2013 - 20:12

SALAO - Visual concept for a tablet game inspired by "The Old Man and The Sea"

21. January 2013 - 19:49

The game is based on Hemingway’s original story, where Santiago proofs his endurance and luck, but in the end loses his fish in a hard-fought battle against the sharks.

Shades VS Staches

1. July 2012 - 18:30

Shades VS Staches is a 2 player game made for iPad. Inspired by a simple gameplay, it opposes glasses (Shades) and moustaches (Staches) in a fun universe, enhanced with sounds and animations. The game has its own atmosphere, class but cool.


3. June 2012 - 22:51

This was a project extending five weeks, including test models, drawing model sheet and learning basic polygon modelling in Maya/Mudbox.


12. March 2012 - 14:37

’Sparegrisene’ til børn er ment som en energikasse, der kan aktiveres i hverdagen, og som familien kan være sammen om. Løsningen er udviklet med fokus på brugerinvolvering og designantropologisk tilgang.

Deep Water

6. December 2011 - 17:00

Hjemme opgaven 2011 - VAND


23. September 2011 - 20:03

A co-design project about alzheimers. An invitation to flip things upside down and relate to difficult situations in a constructive and positive way. A game about dilemmas.

The Gunslinger

4. August 2011 - 10:08

Environment and character-designs for a game, based on the Stephen King novel, "The Gunslinger". The project consists of conceptual artwork, character-development, reference gathering, moodboards, 3d models and textures.

"Branch" and "Branch: The Nebula Domination"

20. June 2011 - 22:16

“BRANCH” is an action packed computer game of cosmic importance made as part of the DADIU programme.

Play it at:


31. May 2011 - 21:12

Our mission is to get in contact with an alternative intelligence

Masque Society

28. May 2011 - 14:31

Masque Society is a personal development reality game targeting citizens. The main focus of Masque Society is to play in the city with masks.