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Gestuz Print

4. December 2016 - 17:28

During my Intership at Gestuz I developed different prints and one of them was this Photoprint.


15. January 2016 - 19:14


Arkiv 2.6.2 / POSTERS

15. October 2014 - 14:01

Plakater til afgangsprojekt i samarbejde med Marie Fröhlich

Arkiv 2.6.2 er en bogserie der har til formål, at udvide oplevelsen af tre af de mest almindelige natur objekter i Danmark, via en visuel undersøgelse.

Arkiv 2.6.2

15. October 2014 - 12:56

Afgangsprojekt i samarbejde med Marie Fröhlich

Arkiv 2.6.2 er en bogserie der har til formål, at udvide oplevelsen af tre af de mest almindelige natur objekter i Danmark, via en visuel undersøgelse.

Fanø findes

14. October 2014 - 0:28

Tæt på havet

9. October 2014 - 16:51

Production Design Koncept til Tv-serie

30. June 2014 - 20:02

Mit afgangsprojekt er et production design koncept til pilotafsnittet “Den Fremmede” til ungdomskrimi tv-serien “4 Veninder”.

Nature inspired outdoor furnishing for the Green Solution House

25. June 2014 - 16:47

Green Solution House is a climate conference centre between Bornholm Airport and Rønne to be constructed during 2014.


4. February 2014 - 20:31

Lavet i samarbejde med Marie Frøhlich.


4. February 2014 - 20:26

Lavet i samarbejde med Marie Frøhlich.

Facade Reflections

30. December 2013 - 17:04

Aesthetic inspiration for the project "Between Poetry and Architecture".

Photos of modern glass architecture in Copenhagen trying to capture how reflections on the facade create a distorted and dissolved expression.


24. June 2013 - 22:43

-hverdagsobjekter og materialitet

Selvportræt: Ingefær attack

3. December 2012 - 12:48

Ingefær (photo shop kursus)

26. November 2012 - 13:21

A dream come true

30. October 2012 - 18:47

An attempt of telling a dramatic story in less than 15 frames without any direct language. This is for the reader of the comic to retain a (guided) free interpretetion of the story.

Poster Installation

7. January 2012 - 14:19

Projektet er om visualiseringer af lyd i det urbane rum. Jeg valgte Kongens Have og startede med at optage lyd og måle lydniveauer.

Free Martin Schibbye & Johan Persson

24. November 2011 - 17:11

Started out as a participation in the Danish Amnesty International 50 years poster contest, but ended up focusing on starting a fundraiser to free Martin & Johan instead.
Please, if you have the time, sign the petition at:

THE ZEROWASTE CUT - a way in sustainable fashion

21. November 2011 - 23:05

Sustainability is often simplified to "do less harm”, by for example replacing conventional cotton with organic. But sustainability is a much greater issue, and organic textiles will not save the fashion industry.


15. September 2011 - 22:35


15. September 2011 - 22:26

The Gunslinger

4. August 2011 - 10:08

Environment and character-designs for a game, based on the Stephen King novel, "The Gunslinger". The project consists of conceptual artwork, character-development, reference gathering, moodboards, 3d models and textures.

MeMoRy ThEaTeR

3. August 2011 - 11:21

A cabinet of wonder containing masks, creatures', miniature objects and coloured, chalky balls is the magical background for my intuitive, imaginative universe, created in the crossover field, where the textile, clothing and visual communications fuse t

Unlike me, you are you

13. June 2011 - 14:10

I believe that fashion is the incarnation of modern norms and values. It is a strive towards something new and not yet seen. A proposal on communicating values and constantly reflecting upon the awareness of oneself as an individual.


31. May 2011 - 21:12

Our mission is to get in contact with an alternative intelligence


22. May 2011 - 15:16

Visuel fortælling

Proportionssystem Guitar

22. May 2011 - 15:09

Der udformes et design der viser et sammenhængende proportionssystem.
Har visualiseret en jazz standard ud fra guitarstrengens længde.