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Planar cuts through building

20. April 2011 - 20:24

Light concept study

3ds max design 2011

Welding glass photos

20. April 2011 - 12:58

A Neutral Density filter for a camera is basically a dark piece of glass you place in front of the lens. These filters are an easy way to block light and thereby get a longer shutter speed.

Flock of birds

20. April 2011 - 11:24

Question: How might we reduce overcrowding on public transport focusing on improving the travel experience to invite more people to use it?

Under copenhagen

20. April 2011 - 11:02

Description coming soon....


20. April 2011 - 10:57

"HEY DKDS! WHAT ARE YOU UP TO??" is an awareness video for made in school.

Hey kolding!

20. April 2011 - 10:54

"HEY KOLDING! WHATS NEW WITH YOU?" is an awareness video for made in school.

The Greatest show on earth

18. April 2011 - 21:53

Follow my graduation project here...


18. April 2011 - 20:11

Just a couple af pencil drawings I made for the fun of it..


18. April 2011 - 19:53

Artwork for the danish band HobbyMor. In this project I wanted to work with graphic patterns and spatial design, so I decorated the room the cover pictures were shot in with cardboard triangles which I cut out by hand.

Reptile and Retard

18. April 2011 - 15:27

Artwork for the danish ElectroSoul band Reptile & Retard. When I first met the guys they were going on tour in China and I made around 250 handprinted silk screen covers that they could hand out at concerts and business meatings.


18. April 2011 - 14:15

En herretøj kollektion, som samlet har haft til formål at skabe debat og bevidsthed om klimaændringer og global opvarmning.
Ideen med denne samling har været at skabe en omvendt skræmme kampagne med humor, der vekselvirker som en øjenåbner.

Don't Play At The Table

18. April 2011 - 12:20

The idea was to design a Dish Mat that can meet the needs of a lively modern household. The shape of the Dish Mat makes it ideal to combine in different shapes meeting different requirements.

Interactive playground

17. April 2011 - 17:24

Hvad er en legeplads? Og hvordan kan vi skabe rum til inspiration, meningsfyldte redskaber og aktiviteter som stimulerer leg, læring, fysisk udfoldelse, udforskning og kreativitet?

The Universal Zine

17. April 2011 - 12:20

Assignment in which I was asked to make a design that took basis in proportional systems related to the human being. Fibonacci's golden proportions and grid systems were some of the inspirations we were given.

alle mulige skoler

16. April 2011 - 20:36

Skole bogprojekt.
Sammen med 6 andre studerende lavede vi en bog over Danmarks Designskoles fortid og potentielle fremtid i nogle sære scenarier. Bogen trykkede vi selv på en Riso maskine. (p.s. farven smitter af.)

Yeah Suiten

16. April 2011 - 20:32

Yeah Suiten, is a danish poetry collection by the auther Theis Ørntoft.

Photo: Emil T. Schmidt and I
Layout: myself
Concept: Line Falk and Theis Ørntoft


16. April 2011 - 20:25

Lidt mønsterprøver til min afgang.

Something Something

16. April 2011 - 20:18

Just a little something I did for fun...

gypsie fashion

15. April 2011 - 22:32

clothes: becky
model: line
photo: me