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Shiva Jarner Coley
01 Apr 2013
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Løsning i kontekst
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- Family ’round the table

Throughout the design process I have focused on the classic Danish traditions of craftsmanship, design and architecture. I have also formed my personal impression of Hong Kong and compact living. This has resulted in a compact set of dining table and chairs to gather the family around what, in my opinion, is the very heart of a home. As an extra bonus the people living in the space have the choice of changing the function of their room.

My intention has been to create coherence in the room and bring about an aesthetic environment with simple, continuous and soft lines. The result is a round dining table with intarsia veneer decoration and three complementary chairs. The table legs can be dismantled and assembled without the use of tools. When the table is not in use, the legs fit under the tabletop. This way the table as a whole can be hung on the wall as a decorative element. The chairs can be stacked on the floor. My aim is also to maintain harmony between table and chairs: to enhance the “floating” look and embrace the symbolism of harmony and unity. The chair in itself is inviting and comfortable.

I have expressed myself using the simplicity of Danish design tradition, adding a supplementary function and minimizing both material and weight. “Harmonia” is a complete and user-interactive set of furniture that will enhance the capacity and function of any living space.

The underlying theme is the very Danish concept of “hygge” - ”hominess” - which in essence is a feeling of harmony, comfort and cosiness.