Sofie Brünner
06 Feb 2012
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SB-Cuatro is a modern interpretation of the classic Scandinavian timber chair and leads one’s thoughts back to chairs likeHans Wegner’s Y-Chair or Børge Mogensen’s J39. The chair playes with contemporary lines in its shape as well as in its playful weave on the seat and back. Sofie Brünner comes from a textile background and has in this chair drawn inspiration from optical illusions and string art. She has explored and challenged traditional furniture weave and has hereby created a new exciting expression in the seat and back.

The actual frame of the chair is made in what seems like an impossible construction. Both legs, backrest and seat all connect in one central joint and this is one of the features that makes the chair unusual and unique. Most of the chair seems to be floating with no actual support. There has been payed great attention to detail and the joints are small masterpieces on their own in the way they fit together as in an intricate puzzle.

The chair is made purely from natural materials (american ash wood & paper yarn) and thereby stays true to Scandinavian ethics and aesthetics.

The two shades of paper yarn speaks the same natural language as the timber frame while colourwise it adds contrast and thereby adds edge to the chair.

The chair can be made with a varity of weave patterns.