Sofie Holm Larsen
23 Sep 2011
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A co-design project about alzheimers. An invitation to flip things upside down and relate to difficult situations in a constructive and positive way. A game about dilemmas.

In the winter 2010/2011 I developed a game about dilemmas with a fellow student, Lilith Louise Lysgaard-Hasbeck. The project was based on the DAIM model and method and we worked closely with people who have some kind of relation to the Alzheimer’s disease. We tried to include as many as possible, patients, doctors, medicinal companies, friends and family of the patients, graphic and industrial designers and the Alzheimer’s association.

Our focus was on the interactive design and communication in general. Of the people we included most of them were involved with the entirety of our design research and development. We put great emphasis on creating prototypes throughout the process. The essence of the final game is those dilemmas, stories and glimpses of memories we’ve been told by the people whom we got to know and who lives with Alzheimer everyday. The purpose of the game is to try and improve the day to day interactions of the involved.